Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 Review – Bruce Wayne’s World

Who’s the real Bruce Wayne? A man who fights crime at night with fear and internalised rage? A billionaire philanthropist that works tirelessly to be the humanitarian that Gotham needs? Or someone caught in the middle of those two personas and driven by a dark history to see that the city that claimed the lives of his parents would always have a guardian who could be the symbol that Gotham needs.

That’s the idea behind Telltale’s Batman game, a new series which focuses on Bruce Wayne and life beyond his normal nocturnal activities. And that makes for an interesting spin on yet another Batman game. While Rocksteady’s Arkham series put the spotlight on creating the ultimate Batman simulator with narrative added to pad fight scenes out, Telltale is flipping the script and going in the completely opposite direction for their take on the caped crusader.

And it works.

Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

Another action-packed Batman game isn’t exactly needed right now, not after Rocksteady essentially raised the bar with Arkham Knight and its superbly polished gameplay. Telltale’s Batman instead works better with a Batman who is still new to the vigilante scene. A dark knight that the police see as an unstable menace and that criminals fear thanks to a trail of broken bones inflicted by a nocturnal nightmare on the streets.

And somewhere between all of this, Bruce Wayne is caught in the middle as he struggles to balance his burning desire for justice and the hate inside of him for the type of crime that stole his childhood away from him. It’s an interesting mix, a powder keg that quickly pushes the dark knight into situations where he has to choose between being a brutal avenger of the night or an actual hero that can inspire Gotham.

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