Battlefield 1 cheaters are running rampant online

Battlefield 1 is out this Friday, but for anyone on EA or Origin Access it’s been out in a limited form for the past few days. The early access for subscribers starter last week, giving players a taste of some of the campaign and a whole lot more of the multiplayer. Inadvertently, it’s also highlighted a problem that was plaguing the game during the September beta. Hackers are getting a free pass online, and Battlefield 1’s systems are struggling to keep up.

Battlefield 1 currently does have an anti-cheat system in place, and Fair Fight is trying the best it can to deal with cheating players. As PCGamer found out over the weekend though, its wheels of ban hammer justice turn slowly, leading to numerous frustrating matches with inexplicable deaths. If you take a look at a video they compiled below, so many deaths come from impossible angles according to the killcam. Bullets travel through walls and instantly seek your head, which makes online play more than frustrating.

PCGamer eventually saw their cheater banned, but many players over on the Battlefield 1 Reddit pages are struggling with the same issue. Many cite Fair Fight as too slow, and would rather see more traditional systems like Punkbuster implemented. Some players are also lambasting DICE for not offering an easy way to report cheating players. Instead, players will have to report a transgressor through Origin, which isn’t at all ideal or entirely straight-forward.

“ESCAPE > Scoreboard > Player name > View Profile > Dropdown next to “Send friend request” > Report”, wrote rockamokafon

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