Check out all the new cool tech of the Ghostbusters reboot

Growing up, everybody wanted to be a Ghostbuster. It wasn’t just that the gang of paranormal exterminators were the coolest dudes around inside and out of the movies and cartoons, but that they just had the best gadgets to play with. Maybe some of you were lucking in that regard. Maybe some of you got to strap a plastic replica on that used a spinning pool noodle to simulate a stream of protons with which to corral some stubborn phantasms with. Maybe you took your toaster, and pretended that it was a ghost trap. I’m just sayin’.

A new Ghostbusters film this year means a new set of gadgets to gawk at. Gadgets which are reminiscent of the original props, but updated and tweaked for today. And I like some of them. The new Ecto-1 mobile looks flashy, the latest ghost trap looks functional and I hope that one day I’ll be as big a badass as Kate McKinnon is when she whips out a pair of proton pack pistols to bust some ghosts with.

I’m not too big a fan of the proton pack itself though. It just doesn’t look that great for me. Here’s the original for comparison:

And the new updated model:

Now granted, I get that these packs are meant to look like they were cobbled together from spare parts and family puppies. I understand that they’re not meant to look like assembly-line products from a Chinese Apple factory. At the same time, I also know that scientists and engineers do actually take pride in their work, and do make an effort to create neat and well-designed prototypes. But that’s just me.

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