Comic-Con: The Flashpoint has begun in this season 3 trailer for The Flash

There’s no way around this, so let’s cut to the chase: Barry Allen is the fastest idiot alive. Seriously, I watched every episode of The Tick several times and even that blue buffoon is nowhere near as brain-damaged as the scarlet speedster. After dealing with Zoom in season 2, losing his father and possibly stubbing his toe on a cupboard door, Barry decided to undo all that pain in his life with a quick jaunt to the past to prevent his mother from being murdered by the Reverse-Flash.

And thus created a new timeline in the future, one which undid years of relationships and character-building in the process and which will apparently have the direst of ramifications on Allen. Here’s the trailer for the third season of The Flash which debuted at Comic-Con this weekend past:

YOU DONE FLASHED UP BARRY! I’m totally referring to these decisions as Flash-ups from now on. Looks like Barry is returning to a very, very different future when he brings the Reverse-Flash along for the ride. A future where Central City is protected by Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash. “There’s similar qualities,” between Kid Flash and Barry’s speedster, Lonsdale said to Variety.

He’s Kid Flash, so I tried to play him with a young, lighthearted cockiness to him that can sometimes be his downfall, but he’s just in a really good place mentally; he’s never felt more sure of himself.

Season 3 picks up three months after the end of season 2, in a timeline where Barry was still hit by the shockwave of the particle accelerator explosion and established a connection to the Speed Force.. So yeah, he still has his powers. And he’s going to need them, as season 3 is doubling down on the big bads with not only a new mystery speedster and a silver age nemesis in the form of Dr Alchemy.

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