Corsair Scimitar RGB Review: A Good Non-MOBA/MMO Mouse

Ever since WoW became responsible for a lost generation of gamers, the need for more buttons grew as the phrase “emptying shit buckets” became an endearing way to describe a non-stop weekend of gaming. For me there’s always been an aura of awe surrounding an MMO gaming mouse-maybe it’s the plethora of buttons and hint of infinite macros we’ll never use, but there’s just something about them that speaks to the serious deep geek in me. No longer just a regular mouse with more buttons bolted on, MMO mice are becoming popular and established peripherals, having developed ergonomically, and integrating features to cater to the core of its prime market – those macro melding wizards who want everything at their literal thumb tips. Looking at the Corsair Scimitar RGB and its designation as an MMO/MOBA mouse makes the MOBA gamer in me is very sceptical for a number of reasons, and when spending R1271 on a mouse, we want to be sure what we’re paying for.

So. Many. Buttons.

This is not the first time Corsair has ventured into MMO territory, but it’s the first time they’ve adopted a standard thumb-breaking 4×3 grid of square buttons placed on the side of a mouse. The Scimitar, though, is anything but standard.

Corsair has implemented a Key Slider system in which the position of the 12 thumb buttons can be adjusted backwards and forward using an included Alan Key. It’s not only about accommodating varied hand sizes and thumb positions but is also Corsair’s attempt to solve the MMO mouse problem—the inability to easily access all thumb buttons. Together with these 12 mechanical thumb buttons, there are five other buttons: 2 mechanical main buttons and 2 DPI switch buttons behind the beautifully LED lit rubber coated scroll wheel, which sadly does not have a horizontal tilt capability. This brings the total to a staggeringly ridiculous 17 programmable buttons. True to marketing form, the mouse sensor is labelled as a 12, 000 DPI capable optical sensor, which is all but useless unless you have three 4K screens and the twitch reflex dexterity of a world class brain surgeon.

Aesthetically the Scimitar embodies the familiar Corsair class of smooth edges, minimal branding and well placed effective LED lighting. The Scimitar has 4 RGB LED lighting zones and a fifth RGB zone in front of the 12 thumb buttons only designated for DPI/profile change notification lighting. We love the use of visible and functional LED lighting, so kudos to Corsair. The entire mouse is coated with that tasty soft touch “baby seal” coating, but as is tradition, the sexy coat succumbs to oily fingerprints. This, coupled with a lightly textured rubber coating for the ring and pinky finger makes the mouse feel grippy enough.

The Scimitar has a long 1.8m braided cable, with the signature yellow moulded USB connector to help mark it off from other USB devices you have plugged in. Like the VOID headset, Corsair has taken to using aluminium in their premium products, and you’ll find an aluminium core in the center by the sensor and a slab of aluminium on which the slider mechanism operates. In Corsair form their signature yellow coating is used and gives the mouse a very bold aesthetic among many drab “all black” mouses. All this dressing up means if you fancy some light weightlifting while gaming, the Scimitar is for you. Coming in at a hefty 147g  – with no way to reduce it – if you don’t like a heavy mouse, palm grip or have small hands, stay well clear of this chunky behemoth.

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