Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – How to quickly farm for Radiolarian Cultures

You’ve just spent a blistering two hours playing through the Curse of Osiris campaign. The boss has been easily defeated, Osiris looks like the Destiny 2 skin for Father Christmas and you’re wondering what to do next. The answer is simple: Grind for guns. While Curse of Osiris may be a letdown in terms of story, it still has some beautiful guns to collect. Guns which will require you to work your butt off so that you can grab them.

Here’s a breakdown on how you can acquire such lovely tools for yourself.

Step one: Finish the campaign

Dude, it’s under three hours at its longest stretch. Don’t be lazy now.

Step two: Start the Adventures

With the Vex defeated in one timeline, you’ll be able to tackle three new Adventures in succession. Taking place across the past, present and future, these adventures are easy enough and shouldn’t take you longer than hour. These ones at least.

Step three: Visit Brother Vance

Destiny 2’s number one Osiris fanboy has a mission for you, or rather a repeat of the missions that you just played. You’ll now have access to Heroic Adventures, as well as a new item once you’ve completed them: The Lost Prophecy, Verse 1.

Step four: Die. Like a lot

These missions are hard dammit. Please note, that dying like a moron is not a mandatory step, but it’s going to happen anyway to you. Or maybe just me.

Step Five: Activate the Lost Prophecy

You’ll need to activate the Lost Prophecy to obtain a powerful new scout rifle, which requires you handing in certain materials to Brother Vance. Specifically, Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, which happens to be made up of 10 regular Radiolarian Cultures. To get your hands on the vanilla Radiolarian, you’ll have two options on your hands.

Step Six: Farm for Radiolarian Cultures

Farming the various public events should give you a Radiolarian Culture once every two encounters, or they can be found out in the wilds within chests. Don’t think that you can buy a map from Cayde-6 and quickly farm them that way however: They only drop once per every five chests on average.

Once you have ten Radiolarian Cultures, you can turn them in by Brother Vance, transform them into a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and then activate the Lost Prophecy Verse to get your shiny new toy. A good tip here is to focus on Titan, as its smaller size has you bouncing between Public Events more frequently.

Step Seven: Farm for Paradox Amplifiers

Still, it’s going to take you ages to save up enough Radiolarian Culture materials, so get used to the grind. You’ll also be required to eventually farm for Paradox Amplifiers, although these are a touch easier to get. Strikes, Heroic Adventures and Crucible matches will reward you with Paradox Amplifiers, ten of which can be combined into one Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

I’d reckon that spending time in the Crucible is the quickest method for earning them, as they’re rewarded regardless of a loss or a win. And there you have it! That’s how you farm for Lost Prophecy weapons. I hope you’re ready for a grind.

Last Updated: December 7, 2017

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