Did you hear? A rapper beat one of Street Fighter's most famous players

Rappers playing games is nothing new to the gaming world. Some have even gone as far as live streaming their gaming sessions, like rap legend Snoop Dogg. However, a rapper defeating a professional player is almost entirely unheard of, until Monday night when Twitter banter turned into an exhibition match between Lupe Fiasco and Street Fighter legend Umehara Daigo.

Street Fighter V released on Tuesday  – but there was some hubbub around its release on Monday night. Our resident martial arts expert did a review on it as well, but more importantly an exhibition match happened an hour before the release of the new title, according to Polygon. Daigo is no small name when it comes to Street Fighter. At Capcom Cup 2015 he placed second, and he even had his own Manga made detailing his Street Fighter career which he offered to Lupe prior to the match. Lupe did return the favour by handing Daigo his Metal Gear Solid jacket. The event was to promote the release of Street Fighter V in San Francisco and, needless to say, it was all fun and games for the two promoters.

The First Punch

It all began on Twitter when Lupe tweeted about Street Fighter, and just how good he is. Naturally this did not sit well with the Fighting community in North America. A rapper? Claiming to be that good? The banter eventually reached Mark “Markman” Julio, former MadCatz’ brand ambassador, and offered him the chance to face off against Daigo, who’s sponsored by MadCatz, and Lupe eagerly agreed to the showdown.

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