Do you want to be the very best? Use these Pokémon Go tips

Catching ‘em all has been a dream for every single person, in the whole world, since the first days of Pokémon (Editor’s note: NOPE). Now, it’s a reality with Niantic’s revolutionary Pokémon Go. If you haven’t played or heard of Pokémon Go, it’s a geomapping mobile game which allows you to walk (or drive) around catching Pokémon in the real world. Naturally, we all want to be the very best, and while walking around catching Pokémon is fun, there are ways you can be a lot more efficient and save time, battery and data.

Download the offline Google Map for you area

Pokemon Go uses very little data compared to other applications. Niantic have done an amazing job at ensuring you’re able to spend less on data, and more on coins. You can cut that down even more by downloading the offline Google Maps, since that’s where most of your data is coming from – continuously updating the Google maps. Depending on whether you have an Android or iOS device this tip might vary, but if you’re able to do it, do it now.

  1. Head to Google Maps on your mobile device
  2. Go into your settings
  3. Head to the Offline Maps tab
  4. Add your area by tapping the “plus” sign. (it may be a recommended area already)
  5. Download the offline map

It’s not a massive download, and doesn’t take too long, but I’d recommend doing it on WiFi when at home. This does not allow you to play offline.

Disable “Augmented Reality” when catching Pokémon

Sure, it’s cool to snap pictures of Pokémon in great locations, but keeping AR enabled does make it particularly difficult when driving in a car, or moving around a lot. Disabling AR means the Pokemon will stay in one place, and they will be easier to catch.

Catching Pokémon made easy

That little circle you see when catching Pokémon actually has a purpose. The colours vary, but this time around size does matter. The circle will decrease in size, and hitting it in that sweet small spot makes the catch more effective. The colours vary as well: Green (easy), Orange (medium), and Red (hard). Allow the circle to get a bit smaller then throw your ball for the good catch. If the Pokémon are breaking out, throw them a Raspberry to keep them happy.

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