Dozens of Pokemon GO players have filed complaints with the FTC

After months of playing, I think I’ve finally given up on Pokémon GO. Once I hit level 20, the grind became a little too steep for my liking. That, and the actual tracking of incubating eggs was absolute rubbish, and it pissed me off to no end. Wouldn’t you be mad too if you ran a half marathon (21km) one day, and only had around 12km worth of progress clocked?

Perhaps I should add my name to the list of 72 people who’ve filed complaints with the FTC (via Polygon). I don’t know how exactly I would word “you made me run so much for nothing you bastards” into a document, but I am sorely tempted nonetheless (or at least I would be, if I lived in the States).

My complaint seems very petty compared to the others though to be honest. One person for example, spent a casual $450 on the game (WOW), right before they got banned from playing it for using a third-party application for tracking.

“I had my account taken away from me without any warning or contact from Niantic. I have emailed them and sent in an appeal form against my ban. I would like to have all my money that I spent on their game refunded or my account returned to me so i can continue to play their game.”

I actually don’t know how this happened – Niantic went about unbanning a whole lot of Pokemon GO players around a month ago. The person above should’ve received a warning at the very least, but they claim that they didn’t.

Other complaints are a little more sound in my opinion. One for example reads as follows:

“We are a small hospital in Oregon and Nintendo Pokemon Go players are descending on our halls and asking to go into private areas to take pictures and get their game points. In the process, they may see our patients in rooms and halls. Our hospital works to carefully protect patient privacy and is in a dilemma, protect privacy versus public service. We ask that Nintendo NOT allow hospitals or clinics to listed as sites where anyone may locate a Pokemon target.”

That’s a request I can agree with wholeheartedly. Can you imagine being in a ward with some or other ailment, and there’s just a constant influx of people popping in and out to capture whatever happens to be sitting in your room at the time?

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