Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC review

The distant future. The year 2000. Robotic beings rule the world, and the humans are dead. Not really, but if that robot mouth online making human noises is anything to go by, things are not looking good for us. Getting back to the matter at hand though, Fallout 4 Automatron is the first DLC to arrive for Bethesda’s latest massive RPG. You can pick it up for $10 (or R216 in South Africa) or as part of the season pass. It’s the first part of the 3 major DLC planned for Fallout 4 and this one, is all about robots!

The setup to Automatron’s story is an interesting one. Responding to a distress call you find that a pack of rogue and aggressive robots have killed a group of humans. One lone robot seems to be fighting against them however and it or she, was the companion of the fallen victims. Ada as she is called requests your assistance in putting a stop to the new menace and to confront The Mechanist, the mastermind behind the recent robotic uprising. To make matters worse, there is a new Raider faction in town that utilizes robots for their own evil deeds.

Looking at the premise alone, there are some really great elements to the story. We have a new companion, the robot Ada that displays some semblance of human emotion. There’s the mysterious Mechanist and its legion of killer robots alongside the new, deadly Raider faction, Rust Devils. In all honesty, it sounded a lot more exciting than a lot of the questlines in the main game. It’s just unfortunate however that not only does it take about +-3 hours to complete, but it’s really, painfully average. It feels just like every other quest, and while there are some interesting concepts thrown into the mix, it never fully goes beyond the expected.

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