Final Fantasy XV might launch on September 30th

Ask any real Final Fantasy fan, and they’ll explain to you in incredible detail just how long they’ve been waiting for Final Fantasy XV. The sequel that started out as Final Fantasy Versus XIII all those many, many years ago, Final Fantasy VX is confirmed for launch in 2016 with Square Enix announcing the release date at an event later this month. Although (as expected) it seems someone decided to beat them to the punch.

Gaming news outlet Gematsu is reporting that Final Fantasy XV will launch as early as September 30th. Gematsu claims to have many sources all corroborating the same information with them, but has chosen to keep them anonymous until Square Enix makes the announcement themselves on March 30th. This keeps the report firmly seated in the rumours department for now, but it does sound awfully convincing.

Our sources in this case are reliable. However, given the sensitivity of the matter, and that within a company setting anything can change before it is made public, we’re reporting this as a rumor until the release date is officially announced.

Previous evidence also seems to back this date up. A little while ago Square Enix quizzed fans on their favourability to Final Fantasy XV releasing sometime in the summer. Although September 30th falls into the early months of Fall in the USA, it’s close enough to the same period. It would also put Final Fantasy ahead of most AAA releases for the end of the year, with the silly season only really kicking off in October.