Fire Emblem Fates gets weekly DLC from launch

Fire Emblem Awakening wasn’t meant to be a smash hit. Instead, it was supposed to be a swansong entry in a series that had seen declining sales over the years, a fitting end to a franchise that had run its course. Instead, Fire Emblem: Awakening was one of the best damn games ever released on the Nintendo 3DS, a stunningly-realised tactical RPG with plenty of heart that revived the series.

Fast forward a few years, and Fire Emblem Fates is the name of the next chapter of combat-breeding returns. So far, it’s looking good, and Nintendo is clearly aware of this. Which is why they’ve planned a DLC roadmap of content that will follow after the February 19 launch. Love it or hate it, but Fire Emblem Fates will have plenty of content which will ring a few extra dollars out of you. Each of the base games will set you back a RRP of $40, with the third DLC chapter Revelation costing you another $20.

Then, you’ve got the schedule of DLC episodes, which can be purchased in their entirety for $17.99. Buying them piecemeal, will set you back $19.92. Here’s the schedule, via VG247:

  • February 19: Before Awakening with Exalt’s Brand or Hero’s Brand as a first time reward and pebble every time.
  • February 25: Boo Camp with experience as a reward; Beach Brawl with event illustration reward – $2.49 a piece
  • March 3: Ghostly Gold with gold as a reward; Museum Melee with weapons as a reward – $2.49 a piece
  • March 17: Royal Royale with an item that raises all stats as a first time reward and a Dread Scroll/ Ebon Wing every time – $2.49
  • March 24: Hidden Truths I and II with Fell Brand / First Blood rewards – $4.49
  • March 31: Vanguard Dawn with Vanguard Brand reward – $1.99
  • April 7: Anna on the Run with Anna joining the party as the first time reward – $1.99
  • April 14: Ballistician Blitz with Sighting Lens that adds the Ballistician class reward – $1.99
  • April 14: Free Gift from Anna from the Dragon’s Gate – gives either one free Sighting Lens or Witch’s Mark
  • April 21: Witches’ Trial with Witch’s Mark that adds the Witch class reward – $1.99

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