Gears of War: Ultimate Windows 10 Edition Review – Longshot from perfection

Last year, Gears of War Ultimate Edition was a nostalgic, worthy trip down memory lane to a time when Gears of War was a little more horror and a little less over-the-top action. Back in August I praised the game quite a bit, running through the campaign and all the way up to the excellently preserved multiplayer. It’s been a long time coming but Gears of War has finally landed again on PC. And the results…well they’re a little more mixed.

Last year I had nothing but good things to say about gears of War on Xbox One – which I can’t honestly say is the same for its now recently released PC cohort.

It’s a love letter to the most potent parts of a multiplayer mode that still has so many fans smitten, and in a way a fitting view on the Ultimate Edition as a whole. Not without faults, Gears of War makes a resounding debut on Xbox One with truly worked from the ground effort to reproduce the first stunning game, at it’s a success when looking at the reduced price. There’s little more apart from the campaign and multiplayer, but just like the first game back in 2006, there’s little else you really need from an addictive, engrossing shooter like this.

But it has nothing to do with the content. The Ultimate Edition on PC is everything you loved on Xbox One, including fast multiplayer and poignant single-player that will keep you on your seat more than any other title in the franchise. Multiplayer games in particular are fast to connect to and a breeze to stick with for hours, and the inclusion of decent keyboard and mouse support will definitely make those longshot kills a little sweeter.

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