God Eater 2: Rage Burst Review

God Eater 2 was released in Japan over 3 years ago and hadn’t seen a western release since. Even though the expansion Rage Burst came out last year, it’s still been quite a long wait to play the sequel to one of the more successful monster hunting games that’s not Monster Hunter. I last played God Eater over 5 years ago, and now that the sequel is finally here, I’m reminded of why I enjoyed the series so much, despite some of its obvious flaws.

Narratively, God Eater 2 starts off in almost the same way as the previous game. You’re a new recruit joining the God Eaters, an elite division of people capable of using a special weapon called the God Arc. As God Eaters your mission is to hunt and exterminate monsters known as Aramagi, which are pushing mankind to the brink of extinction. Within this division however is a special group of people known as the Blood Unit who are able to harness and use a special power called Blood Arts. You’re found to possess the same latent ability and are thus enlisted into the unit to serve as humanity’s new beacon of hope.

The story has its fair share of ups and downs, but the impact of these moments are dependent on your attachment to the game’s cast. There are quite a large number of characters and they’re actually quite well developed thanks to optional conversations and side missions which flesh out their backstory and personality. While I appreciate the effort put into their development, they still came across as pretty generic. To make matters worse, the core characters, introduced pretty early on, feels almost interchangeable with those of the first game. Julius, the leader of the Blood Unit fills the role of Lindow, while Romeo and Gilbert feels like a palette swaps of Kota and Soma respectively. I tend to generally have a higher tolerance for these kinds of archetypes, but I found myself not caring much for anyone in the game. This is not to say the story is a complete flop as I still found myself invested in the world itself and genuinely found some of the character motivations quite intriguing.

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