Grow Up! review – Be a BUD

Anyone who has watched and loved Pixar’s Wall-E knows that robots can be lovable. Ubisoft’s B.U.D. is Grow Up’s Wall-E, albeit less informed and way more clumsy. B.U.D. is traveling the universe along with M.O.M., his maternal spaceship, when they crash on a new planet. It’s up to B.U.D. to collect up all the piece of the, um, mothership, exploring the planet along the way. It’s a sequel to Ubisoft’s indie-esque platformer Grow Home.

At the start, the Grow Up is fairly straight forward. Players can scan life forms, making it possible to plant the seed of any plant you scan. Early on in the game, this is pretty much your best bet for getting around; plant a bouncy mushroom thing, jump on it and latch on to whatever you need to climb to reach a new area. Climbing is achieved my alternating the different bumpers or triggers for each hand, although thanks to some wonky camera movement and weird controls, it isn’t always as simple as that; I often felt that B.U.D. was purposely making my climbing progress more difficult than it needed to be.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new abilities, find new flora and progress ever upwards. After finding enough crystals to boost my jetpack sufficiently, getting around got a whole lot easier, especially when combined with air brakes or the glider. It became much more fun to explore the word, try out POD challenges and find even more crystals. The polygon-filled world is filled with fun things to discover, which is exactly what I did for the first hour or two.

Thereafter, I realized the wonky controls (B.U.D. isn’t great at exact or precise platforming) and camera angles made me not really enjoy the POD challenges. Instead, I decided to focus on finding the pieces of M.O.M., which meant moving up higher, way higher.

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