Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza is the game at its best

Hitman is in an odd position right now. IO Interactive’s reboot is a technical masterpiece, returning Agent 47 back to his roots in a manner that should satisfy anyone who enjoyed the Absolution romp or refuses to stop clutching their case of Blood Money and bemoaning the state of the franchise today. It’s seriously good stuff, as Agent 47’s latest adventures feel like a proper sandbox of murder, intrigue and challenges.

But not everyone is biting. The whole episodic hook hasn’t won that many fans over, as most fans are biding their time until January (Spoiler: There probably will be a delay on this one) instead of participating in regular releases of content. And that’s a shame. The first proper episode of Hitman, the Paris Showstopper mission, hit all the nails on all of the heads.

A large level, two targets and at least a dozen methods available within which players could carry out their contracts through to its bloody conclusion. That was a damn fine show. Thing is, the Sapienza mission isn’t just better, it’s one of the best Hitman levels ever created.

Once again, you’ve got a pair of targets to focus on: Eccentric bioweapons expert and culinary dick Silvio Caruso is one of your first targets, while Francesca DeSantis’ neck is just waiting to have the life strangled out of it. The catch here is that the mission also requires you to kill something even smaller, a deadly virus that the pair have been working on that could put the whole assassination industry out of business. And we can’t have that, now can we?

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