Hitman’s next elusive target is Gary Busey

No really, I’m not taking the piss here. There may be a thousand ways to die in the core missions of Hitman, but you’ve only got one chance to make an impact in the elusive missions that regularly pop up in Square Enix’s murder sandbox simulator. Elusive targets, contracted kills with a brief window of opportunity have popped up several times already since Hitman launched, offering the biggest challenge for your bang in this episodic title.

Some targets have been unscrupulous embezzlers. Others gun-running gangsters. But none of them have kicked Mel Gibson’s ass in a down and dirty street fight or managed to put up with Eddie Murphy’s antics for two entire movies. I am of course talking about Mr. Joshua himself, Gary Busey. And he’ll be the next elusive target in Hitman.

This all harkens back to an earlier promotional campaign, wherein both Gary Busey and Gary Cole urged players to kill their digital doubles while pleading their case. Busey clearly won that debate, with his statement “I walk old ladies into traffic”. The actual Hitman mission that Busey will pop up in will be called “The Wildcard”, and will have players scouring the Sapienza map for his cackling face.

There’s a slight change to the rules of this elusive target mission however. Players will have an entire week to kill Busey from July 21, with the usual parameters in check. Just don’t try to burn him alive. Mr Joshua scoffs at your flames. There’s more good news for Hitman fans this week as well. While episode 4 has yet to receive a concrete release date, today will see two bonus missions unlocked that fall outside of the main ICA plot line:

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