Hyrule Warriors Legends review – Deku tree Warriors

2014’s Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U was quite the surprise for me personally. While I do enjoy Musou (Dynasty Warrior-like) games, I was expecting Hyrule to be just another spin-off, but it ended up defying and going beyond my expectations by offering improved and flashy gameplay, tons of modes and characters, all wrapped up in a package that looked, performed and sounded excellent. It was one of the most content-rich Musou games I have ever played and one that had continued support post-release with great DLC offerings and tweaks. Nintendo has now decided to port that game, with all DLC included and new content and features to the 3DS. It’s quite the package when you consider everything you’re getting and it’s actually a fantastic experience on handheld. Unfortunately, the experience will not be the same for all.

It’s obvious that no single game will be universally enjoyed by every gamer, which is the way it should be as personal taste will always differ. In the case of Hyrule Warriors Legends however, your enjoyment of the game won’t be dependent on your tastes as much as the system you’re playing it on. Legends is releasing on both the old and New 3DS and while both versions are essentially the same, the difference in performance is quite depressing.

I reviewed Legends on an old 3DS and most of my play time was on this system. Without beating around the bush, this version of the game suffers from incredible slow down and while I’m used to the occasional frame drops by now, it just isn’t the case here as majority of the game runs at a sub-standard speed. To add insult to injury, even with watered down graphics it can’t even handle that many enemies on screen and most just pop in out of nowhere. These two things alone completely and utterly ruins 2 core fundamentals of any Musou game; speed and tons of enemies on-screen at once.

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