Indiana Jones 5 is officially a thing that's happening

This is not a joke. I repeat, this is not a joke. Disney has announced that both Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will be returning for Indiana Jones 5. Officially set for release on July 19, 2019, Ford will be returning as the iconic Doctor Jones, while Spielberg will taking his fifth turn in the director’s seat for the franchise.

No mention yet of any involvement from George Lucas for the as-of-yet unnamed installment, but franchise veterans Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are both listed as producers. Also, no mention yet of any other writers, producers or actors, so it’s likely that Disney are going to be taking the Star Wars route and keeping news about this project under tight control.

Right now, I just need to pick my jaw up off the floor. I mean, does anyone remember the absolute disaster that was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? I don’t, I’ve blocked it from my memory. I know that Disney have said previously they will make a return to the Indiana Jones franchise at some point, but I kind of hoped that it would be forgotten about. Instead, it looks like the massive success of Star Wars have lit a fire with Disney and they’re going to attempt to reboot another beloved franchise.

Now that this is officially happening and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, I do hope that Disney do well with is. I really don’t want it to fail, but after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull there is a looooong uphill climb for this franchise. Just, please no Shia LaBeouf. Please.

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