Jeff Kaplan feels there’s “no winning” against Overwatch’s toxic community

“Because we are open with you and do not hide behind an anonymous handle (like all of you have the luxury of doing), we often times get personally attacked and threatened.”

Kaplan used examples of the past where forum posts from Overwatch team members would immediately trigger an influx of emails to their superiors requesting that they be fired, which only served to put up more barriers of entry for Overwatch developers to their own forums. And it’s part of the systemic problem Overwatch is having now. As more and more toxic users flood forums with their threats, legitimate questions and discussions over the game and its future get drowned out. It’s a destructive circle that even Kaplan is sounding a little hopeless over.

Overwatch is still one of the fastest rising shooters out there right now, but its online communities like this that have the ability to cripple it for new and existing players alike. And Blizzard doesn’t seem to know what to do.

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Last Updated: October 3, 2017

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