Latest Cobalt video series explains the side-scroller’s offense, defence, and time dilation

In case you’ve forgotten, the shooty slowmo side-scroller, Cobalt, will be launching tomorrow on both the Xbox One and 360, as well as on PC (through Steam). It’ll cost only $19.99, and will come packed with a chunky campaign, as well as a host of additional multiplayer content that will extend its life considerably.

If you thought it was a standard action title, you’d be mistaken. There’s far more to Cobalt than simply navigating each platform and firing away at an enemy (or friends). No, it contains some pretty rad mechanics that makes it stand out. Explaining it all in detail can be a little complicated, but thankfully, Mojang have put together three short videos which do just that in no time at all (via PC Gamer).


Offense in Cobalt is pretty straight forward. Players can aim wherever they want, whenever they want. Crouching however, initiates an auto aim of sorts. Rolling will also activate the same mechanic. It sounds overpowered and overly beginner friendly, but it makes a whole lot of sense when playing the game.

Other than that, the video makes it pretty obvious that shooting an enemy from behind is the most efficient way to take them down. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!


Defence in Cobalt is all about timing. A well timed roll will deflect an enemies projectile. Timing it perfectly though, will send their gunfire straight back at them.

Grenades are deadly, but thankfully, they can be shot, or punched, out of harms away too. Similarly to above, a grenade can be deflected straight back to it’s origin – killing the thrower if they aren’t paying attention.

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