Massive list of Warner Bros. plans for the DC movie universe leaks

What is the future of the DC Extended Universe? That universe of live-action films that so far may have been decent money-earners but aren’t exactly critical success stories so far. Rumours have been flying wild lately, especially with DC and Warner Bros. announcing some sort of event for September 2 that will reveal the current future of the DCEU.

Meanwhile over on Reddit, an insider who claimed to have knowledge of the event posted a massive list of what to expect, with said post being shortly removed afterwards. THE THICK PLOTTENS! Screengeek managed to save the list, with some of the rumours below making fantastic sense, and some of them being a bit…odd. Anyway, the list itself is below.

And I suppose I should stress that it could contain MASSIVE FREAKIN’ SPOILERS, so read on at your own peril. Preferably with a massive canister of salt in your one hand:


  • Cyborg’s solo movie is dead
  • Expect to see more of Cyborg in a proper Teen Titans movie that will also feature Nightwing and Deathstroke as the main villain


  • Joe Manganiello has apparently been cast as Deathstroke already

Man of Steel 2

  • Man of Steel will get a sequel in 2020, as Superman faces off against Brainiac
  • WB is looking for a high-profile director for Man of Steel 2, such as JJ Abrams or Duncan Jones
  • Man of Steel 2 could include Supergirl and Superboy, while Lex Luthor will play a role in the new origin of Brainiac that utilises Kryptonian technology and a Lexcorp operating system to merge into one form
  • WB wants this version of Brainiac to be a properly physical threat, not some intangible AI system
  • WB also really wants Edgar Wright to direct one of their films

Justice League

  • Justice League will focus on a smaller core cast, as WB wants to avoid cutting content yet again
  • Justice League will see the team tangle with Parademons for the bulk of the first film, before Steppenwolf arrives for the main event
  • Meanwhile, Lex Luthor will be released from jail early and will drum up public support as he turns the masses against the Justice League
  • Lex Luthor will also be helping out Steppenwolf in secret, trading his assistance for Apokoliptan technology and knowledge
  • Lex’s mental health will also be toned down in Justice League, as Jesse Eisenberg will portray a calmer and more manipulative opponent
  • The Joker and Harley will be on a crime spree at one point in Justice League, fully expecting to tangle with Batman. Instead, they get the entire league and have no idea how to handle an entire team of gods as they just freeze on the spot with flabbergasted looks on their faces
  • Without Superman around, the League gets their collective asses handed to them by their first encounter with Steppenwolf. A revived Superman barely saves the day, weakening the menace before he retreats
  • Superman returns (not that one) with a beard, long hair, a scorched suit and a more emaciated appearance in Justice League, but he begins bulking up every second that he happens to throw a punch in the sunlight as his power returns
  • Green Lantern will appear right at the end of Justice League, possibly as a mid-credits bonus, along with a tease of Darkseid at the end
  • Problem is, DC wants to keep Darkseid for an even later movie than Justice League 2 to prevent the character from being seen as an imitation of Thanos in the MCU
  • Instead, Justice League 2 could focus on the team fighting the Injustice League, the Crime Syndicate or the Society. Multiple villains in the first sequel is a big priority
  • Justice League 2 will be pushed to 2019, so that Dark Universe (Formerly Justice League Dark) can be slotted in

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