Meet the talent for the Evetech Champion’s League

The Evetech Champion’s League is one of South Africa’s newer eSports competitions. The tournament has invited four of South Africa’s top CS:GO teams with two more joining via an online qualifier during one of South Africa’s toughest years in terms of competition. Competitive stakes aside, today the Evetech Champion’s League announced their talent lineup for the event. This group of entertainers will take you through all the action as it unfolds, and there’s a bit of a twist this year.

The usual suspects will be responsible for taking you through the action.

“The Evetech Champion’s League panel will be hosted by decorated competitive battlefield player turned shoutcaster Barry “Anthrax” Louzada while casting duties will be handled by nAvTV talent’s Matt “Haze” Stott, Adam “Wham” Postepski, Michael “Axtremes” Harmse and Nathaneal “Burning Red” Slabbert.”

Anthrax has a rich history in eSports, coming from background of Battlefield 4. He not only captained the side that won the ESL Nation’s Cup, but also revived the Battlefield shoutcasting scene once he’d hung up his mouse and keyboard. Anthrax made the smart move changing from Battlefield to CS:GO where he has continued to put in countless hours of work as he made the switch. Joining him will be WhaM and HaZe, slowly becoming South Africa’s top CS:GO shoutcasting companions.

Both WhaM and HaZe recently completed a weekend of exciting shoutcasting at the ESWC South African Qualifiers where they impressed both local and international crowds with their entertaining commentary and unrivaled synergy. The final pair, BurningRed and Axtremes, are a couple comprised with a man who started it all, and a new player in the game. BurningRed was one of South Africa’s first CS:GO shoutcasters, forever searching for a complimenting partner. He has now found that in Axtremes, who brings a competitive history and knowledge to casting desk, growing their synergy match, after match.

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