Monday box office report: Deadpool does it again!

I think Deadpool needs to change his nickname from “the merc with the mouth” to “the merc with the money” as the fourth wall breaking R-rated comic book antihero has just kept pulling in the dollars, ending its second week on the US box charts at the very top once again. Much like last week, a handful of other titles also debuted, but once again they had to settle for sloppy seconds as Deadpool brought in $55 million, bringing its domestic total to $235 million.

To put that in perspective, the previous highest grossing R-rated comic book adaptation was 300 and it made $210 million domestically in its entire run! It’s now already even claimed the crown from X-Men: Days of Future Past as the highest grossing film in Fox’s X-Men franchise, as DOFP made a “mere” $233 million for its entire theatrical lifespan. Deadpool beat all of that in just 10 days, and is now sitting on $491 million globally! All of those Fox execs who were shooting down this movie for years, claiming it would never work must, be having a crow-eating buffet right about now.

As for those newcomers, none of them really had any major impact although they made respectable entries. The Joseph Fiennes-led faith-based drama Risen couldn’t rise much higher than 3rd place, earning $11.8 million along the way. The film has a stellar cast – including Tom Felton and Peter Firth – and is directed by veteran Kevin Reynolds (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Count of Monte Cristo) but it has been receiving mixed reviews. However, with its focus on the biblical tale of Jesus resurrection – told from the perspective of a non-believer Roman centurion – this close to Easter time, it could still have some legs.

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