Monday Box Office Report – Deadpool has biggest R-rated opening of all time!

Deadpool is famous for breaking the fourth wall, but this weekend past saw the Merc With a Mouth also breaking records at the US box office! With the US public holiday of President’s Day giving the Yanks a 4-day weekend, Fox conservatively predicted that their long delayed R-rated superhero comedy would possibly only bring in about $60-65 million, just barely topping the $58 million production budget of the insane comic book character’s first solo film. But holy chimichangas were they wrong!

Deadpool got things off to a record-breaking start on Thursday, when it pulled in $12.7 million from preview screenings and then kept up that momentum to score a massive $47.5 million Friday. That was not only the highest debut day for any R-rated release ever, but also the biggest opening for any Friday in February ever!

And that was just the beginning of the good fortunes for the crazy-good Ryan Reynolds led flick, as fans turned out in droves over the next two days. By the time the blood soaked dust had settled and the last joke was cracked, Deadpool had notched up a $135 million three-day tally, and a $150 million four-day tally, totally obliterating the $93 million of last year’s Fifty Shades of Grey to grab the crown for the biggest President’s Weekend ever!

Those weren’t the only records that went tumbling though, as it was also Ryan Reynolds’ biggest opening weekend (previously, X-Men Origins: Wolverine – $85 million), the biggest R-rated opening weekend of all time (previously, The Matrix Reloaded – $91.7 million), biggest R-rated comic book opening weekend ever (previously, 300 – $70.8 million), the biggest opening weekend ever for any 20th Century Fox release (previously, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – $108 million), and the largest opening weekend by a first-time director (previously, Chris Miller, Shrek the Third – $121.6 million). It was also the first R-rated movie to ever claim more than $100 million in its opening weekend.

To put this in even better perspective, Deadpool also easily surpassed the opening weekend tallies of other PG-13 comic book movies like Man of Steel ($116.6 million), Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($95 million), and even the immensely popular Guardians of the Galaxy ($94.3 million). Add in the $125 million that the movie also made internationally, and Deadpool is sitting on a ridiculous $260.1 million opening weekend globally! Sweet Christmas!

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