Monday Box Office Report – MISS PEREGRINE makes a peculiar amount of money

It seems that even when you finally win, you may still lose. That’s probably what director Tim Burton discovered this weekend past. The fan favourite film maker has not had an easy time with both audiences and critics lately, as you need to go back to 2010’s Alice In Wonderland to find his last success. That was just on the commercial front though, as most reviews were screaming “Off with his head!”.

In contrast, Burton’s latest film, the live-action adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, has been pulling in for more favourable reviews, and this weekend past it even managed to debut at the top of the US box office. Unfortunately for Burton and co, the only reason Miss Peregrine is currently sitting in the #1 spot is due to the other chart newcomers managing to out-underperforming it (Yes, I’m making “out-underperforming” into a word). This overall disappointment has resulted in a total box office take that is down 25% or roughly $125 million from the same time last year, with no The Martian to save it this time around.

Miss Peregrine’s opened with $28.5 million, which is most definitely a far cry from the worst debuts of the year. But it’s also a long way off from the big budget fantasy adventure’s $110 million price tag, and that’s before advertising costs. This means that the film is more than likely going to have to rely on international audiences to keep it in the black. And luckily they may just be doing so, as the film has already picked up $36.5 million from international markets, with it still needing to open in several territories.

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