Monday Box Office Report – STAR TREK goes BEYOND the competition

With the tsunami of awesome news that came (and is still coming!) out of the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend past, you would think that all everybody did was either actually attend the expo or just sit at home hitting Refresh on their browsers for the latest bit of geekgasmic news. Apparently not though, as it seems quite a few people in the US spent their weekend watching Star Trek Beyond.

The third film in the JJ Abrams rebooted sci-fi franchise debuted in its opening weekend to a solid $59.6 million. That may be down from Star Trek Into Darkness’ opening numbers of $70 million (which itself pulled in $9 million less than 2009’s Star Trek), but it was still more than double its nearest competitor on the weekend. Based on the immensely strong word of mouth surrounding this movie though, it should have the legs to stick around on the charts for a while and chew a fair bit into that $185 million price tag. It will definitely need some help on the international markets though, and luckily more and more Hollywood blockbusters seem to be making bigger percentages of their money there (just like Star Trek Into Darkness did). Whatever happens though, Paramount has already greenlit a fourth movie which will see Chris Hemsworth rejoining the franchise in some unspecified manner (his character, Captain Kirk’s dad, was last seen sporting a severe case of being dead), so this franchise has nothing to worry about right now.

Speaking of nothing to worry about, fellow box office chart newcomer Lights Out opened spectacularly to tie for third place with Ghostbusters. Both films brought in $21.6 million but the difference is that the James Wan produced horror only has a $4.9 million production budget, whereas Ghostbusters is on its second week already and is trying to recoup a $185 million price tag. At current projections, Lights Out‘s domestic run alone should net somewhere in the region of about $55 million, which combined with whatever it makes internationally should make it one of the most profitable films of the year.

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