MSI GT62 VR 6RE Review – Throw away your desktop

We review a lot of notebooks, and every time we post a stellar review, the PC gaming crowd comes out and tells us how their desktop is far superior – better performance, easier upgrades and cheaper. I find that questionable considering that every time I chat to PC gamers about how much they spent to upgrade their rig, it sounds like they are spending about as much as a gaming notebook would cost anyway. But I don’t argue, because the desktop is greater than notebook argument isn’t really a debate. Until now. MSI made the bold claim that this generation of 10-series notebooks could out-perform a desktop PC. So let’s see how great it really is.

Lady in red

I adore the look of MSI’s gaming notebooks. They usually come in one of two forms – the hefty, almost intimidating look of their high performance machines and the sleeker look of their more multi-function notebooks. This one is definitely more on the intimidating end of the spectrum, with plenty of vents and grills that make it look like the machine should be growling at you. That said, it still looks pretty sleek, especially with the sloping on top. Plus, of course, the brand’s standard red and black approach is both classy and edgy.

The 1080p IPS screen is an absolute delight. I particularly enjoyed the various settings available to fine tune your coloring and saturation; you can opt for 100% sRBG as default, or change things up for a bolder gaming look, movies setting and even a battery friendly office setting if you’re using the device for something other than playing games.

Partnering with SteelSeries as usual, the keyboard is understated and high quality. It’s chicklet low-profile and features full color customization. Depending on the game you are playing, you can even set it to flash as indications – telling you when you’re about to respawn – all thanks to SteelSeries Engine 3 which comes pre-installed on the GT62VR 6RE.

What surprised me the most was how portable this notebook was. Usually, gaming notebooks weigh so much that you really wouldn’t consider using them anywhere other than your usual desk or work table. This one, however, is surprisingly light, weighing only 2.9kgs. In fact, It seems like the power brick weighs more than the actual notebook. It’s nice to see a gaming notebook that was actually designed for mobility; I was quite happily able to play games on the couch without even putting the notebook on my coffee table. In fact, I might almost be happy to refer to this portable computer as a laptop again.

Cool under pressure

Of course, keeping a computer on your lap has been nigh on impossible for a while now, mainly because they get too damn hot. I’ve commented before in reviews that unless you have legs made out of asbestos, it simply isn’t comfortable or advisable to use these devices anywhere other than a well-ventilated flat surface. Well, this one seems to break that stereotype.

Using some of what MSI learned in creating the Vortex, the GT62 has some unique cooling technology that keeps it from getting ridiculously hot. In fact, while I wouldn’t exactly call it Arctic levels of chilled, the notebook manages to push a ton of power without breaking a sweat – or causing me to thanks to that heat. The GT62 idles at a GPU temperature of about 43 degrees Celsius, with a CPU temperature of only ten degrees hotter. Under pressure, the hottest temperature I saw it hit was 74 degrees Celsius, and that was without me putting the fans on high.

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