Pocket Card Jockey Review – Ace of neighs

Horse racing, the sport of kings! An event that draws terribly dressed people every year to the Durban July to watch some hawt equestrian action unfold on the race track as tiny, tiny people push their steeds to the limit. And then there’s Solitaire, a game for lonely people and anyone who is still using Windows 98 as an operating system. These two games of chance are worlds apart, ideas that in no way whatsoever should be able to co-exist.

Well somebody forgot to pass that memo on to Pocket Card Jockey, a game which somehow manages to combine the strategy of Solitaire with the hot speed of horse racing. And it does so beautifully. Let me set the stage for you: You’re a jockey. And a terrible one at that, as Pocket Card Jockey begins with you being Christopher Reeved into death by a horse stampede.

No worries, as an angel quickly gets you back in the saddle of the living and sends you on your way to become the greatest jockey who has ever lived as you work your way up the racing ladder. You’re going to need some help on the way however. A good horse! An experienced coach! Money! A normal height that is at least under 5’6!

And of course, Solitaire skills. It’s not just about being the quickest on the track. It’s about being the quickest with the cards you’re dealt. Pocket Card Jockey races are made up of three sections: Solid starts, positioning your filly and powering through the final homestretch. It’s during the positioning segments that you’ll need to guide your horse through the best possible route based on how much Unity Power you’ve accumulated from games of Solitaire.

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