Rainbow Moon review

Rainbow Moon was a game I reviewed on the PS Vita over two years ago. It was flawed in many ways but ultimately remained an enjoyable RPG experience. Now, the game makes yet another appearance, but this time, on the PS4. Even though it’s ultimately the same game, it’s now a much prettier version of itself.

By design, Rainbow Moon is a RPG with a heavy focus on grinding – and by heavy focus I mean that most of your playthrough will consist of battling monsters for loot and experience. There is a story of sorts, if you can call it that. Our hero is on his way to an annual dual with an evil wizard, but somehow gets caught in a trap and is whisked away to another dimension. From there he has to find a way back home and ultimately face-off against his nemesis.

That’s about it, really. It’s a premise and it sets up the world you’re about jump into but it’s hardly a motivation to keep playing. There’s a start and an end to the story, but nothing in between, and I guess, that’s fine. It’s clear that the story was never meant to be a big part of the game, so it never really bothered me. Playing this game on hard difficulty made me realize that even if there was a story, I spent so much time fighting monsters to keep my party at an adequate level that the pacing of a narrative would just end up feeling completely unbalanced.

You’ll spend most of your time in a loop consisting of exploring, fighting monsters, levelling up, getting better gear and fighting more monsters. There are also numerous NPCs offering side quests that you can do if you so wish and I have to mention though, their dialogue is presented in a hilarious tongue-in-cheek manner and while it is by means thought-provoking or even interesting, it was still entertaining and had me smiling and laughing on more than one occasion.