Rumour: Doctor Strange could tie in to Runaways and Brother Voodoo

It was just the other day that we got word that Hulu would be developing a new series for Marvel based on their ultra-popular Runaways comics, but it seems that we’ll be getting a much earlier than expected peek into the world of this new title. That Hashtag Show is reporting that according to their sources, the upcoming Doctor Strange are going to feature a pair of magical cameos, one of which has a direct link to Runaways. They claim that the character of Tina Minoru will be showing up in very briefly – think “blink and you miss it” cameo – during the course of the movie.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s Tina Minoru is the magical supervillain mom of Nico Minoru, one of the lead characters in Runaways. And if you recall, the whole premise of Runaways is that these group of teens discover their parents are secretly supervillains, and decide to stop them – which means that Tina Minoru will definitely be showing up in the series with her daughter.

The other character reported to make a very short cameo is Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo, another very powerful magic practitioner who actually took on Doctor Strange’s role as Sorcerer Supreme for quite some time recently. Brother Voodoo has yet to make his MCU appearance, but he would certainly make for an interesting addition now that the universe is starting to dip into its more outlandish, non-mainstream properties.

And while this story is technically a rumour, it has a lot more believability than most. Marvel have recently released a Doctor Strange prequel tie-in comic that sets up some of the events in the upcoming movie, and none other than Tina Minoru and Daniel Drumm, the latter being the brother of Brother Voodoo. In the comics, Daniel was actually the original Brother Voodoo, but was killed when an evil occultist cursed him. Jericho vowed to avenge his brother’s death, and a powerful witch doctor named Papa Jambo linked Daniel’s spirit to that of Jericho, making Jericho the new, even more powerful Brother Voodoo ever since.

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