Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice review

Old-School Sonic fans have been clamouring for a great Sonic the Hedgehog game; something that instills the nostalgia of those halcyon days. For those people, there’s the impending release of Sonic Mania. That’s a Sonic game that takes the blue blur back to his roots, looking and feeling very much like a Genesis sequel that never was.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t space for a fantastic new take on Sonic the Hedgehog. A brand new, modern Sonic adventure would be appreciated. Unfortunately, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is not that game. Of course, that’s exactly what anybody’s who’s played any of the previous Sonic Boom games would expect. This is Sanzaru’s second Sonic outing since the woeful Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, and while they’ve learned from some of their mistakes, they’ve unfortunately gone ahead and made some new ones.

Shattered Crystal was criticised for being slow and monotonous, and that’s not really changed. While there are fleeting moments of great level design, the platforming often devolves in to a dull repetition. It follows the basic template set by Shattered Crystal. You’ll play as Sonic and four of his rebooted buddies: Sonic has his dash and spin; Tails is able to glide for short distances and is also has a laser gun; Amy Rose has a hammer that she can use to knock down barriers; Knuckles is able to burrow in to specially demarcated bits of ground, and Sticks can throw a user-guidable boomerang for hitting switches.

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