South Africa could compete at the Call of Duty World League Season 2

Since 2014, South Africa has been excluded from the most prestigious Call of Duty competition in the world – the Call of Duty World League. South Africa’s participation at the 2014 Call of Duty World Championships was met with wide controversy which led to our invitation to be retracted –  and it has been an uphill battle ever since to try rejoin the competition.

In his very opinionated piece on the Call of Duty Championship drama, Geoff summed it up perfectly:

As you already know, the team that’ll be representing South Africa (though not officially) in the Call of Duty championships managed to win their qualifier by exploiting a loophole in the MLG’s rules. As per their qualifying rules, just two members on any team needed to actually reside in the country they’re representing. Winners Team RiZe exploited the overseas lag in a peer-to-peer multiplayer game, by getting their matches hosted by their UK-based drafts to snatch victory from – in my opinion – more deserving opponents.” 

This led to a social media eruption, with name-calling, blame shifting, and the inevitable retraction of South Africa’s involvement.

Nonetheless, South African Call of Duty has persevered, and locally tournaments have been growing from strength to strength. In March the ACGL and ASTRO Gaming hosted a R50 000 Call of Duty Championship at rAge, and now the ACGL have upped the ante with a Call of Duty World League endorsed event at rAge in October.

Last month Gavin Mannion attended COD XP where the Call of Duty World League Grand Finals took place. EnvyUs winning wasn’t the only good news, as Gavin spoke to an Activision PR person who mentioned South Africa would be included in the 2017 Call of Duty World League Season 2. This has not been officially confirmed just yet, but the local growth and development of Call of Duty does warrant consideration.

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