Spider-Man Homecoming has found its Mary-Jane

Even though comic book movies have realised that they don’t have to be completely beholden to the source material to actually craft a compelling story, it still helps for that genre to include a few classic nods to their inspiration. Take Spider-Man for instance. Change what you want about Spidey, but a film that is devoid of any light-hearted fun, clever quips and Willem DaFoe (HAHAHAHAHAHIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS) just doesn’t make sense. That’s how we ended up with Spider-Man 3 anyway.

Also possibly necessary? The love of Peter Parker’s life, Gwen Stacy oh wait hang on Mary Jane Watson. The greatest villain that Tobey Maguire faced in his own trilogy and absent for a better love story in Andrew Garfield’s pair of web-slinging flicks as Emma Stone stepped in as Gwen Stacy. But for Tom Holland’s first solo outing as Spider-Man? It looks like he’ll be swinging for the jackpot tiger, as Zendaya (I’ve checked, I couldn’t find a last name which suits me fine because I hate actors who insist on three-name billing) us being tipped to play the iconic redhead.

That’s according to TheWrap and their sources, who revealed that the key role that Zendaya was cast in months ago when Spider-Man: Homecoming began filming was that of Mary-Jane Watson. It’s a move that has naturally stoked the fires of that side of the internet, because how dare anyone cast a person of mixed-race heritage in the role of someone who is portrayed as a caucasian redhead in a movie about a person who was bitten by a radioactive spider and spends his afternoons trading blows with a recently-revived super-soldier from World War Two.

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