Street Fighter V servers stabilise after rocky start

Street Fighter V is out, and despite its anaemic presentation, it’s a fantastic game – if you have friends to play with. Even if you don’t, you could always just hop on line, and jump right in to a casual or ranked match, right? Well, not so much.

While you may be able to get a game going now, last night, the servers fell apart despite months and months of beta testing. According to Capcom, the servers have now stabilised, and running the way they should. With the game so very, very reliant on its servers being up, the game was essentially worthless yesterday, for those without friends playing shoulder-to-shoulder.

Capcom has addressed the matchmaking issues, and battle lounges now work the way they’re supposed to. Here’s what else has been fixed and changed, according to Capcom’s first day, post-launch status update:

Network / server-side issues (PC & PS4):

  • Online connectivity – login and intermittent connectivity issues should be less frequent as the service stabilizes now that all platforms and regions have launched.
  • Matchmaking issues – the issue should be fixed now as the team identified the root cause and have implemented a server side fix few moments ago. Please check for the latest updates and server status
  • Fighter ID corruption – a small number of PC users have reported their Fighter ID getting corrupt after account registration. We’re aware of this issue and will have a fix in place shortly to prevent this from happening further.

PC-specific issues:

  • Game boot-up/crashing issues – some of these issues may be attributed to certain Anti-Virus software preventing the game executable from launching due to a false-positive error. We recommend users add StreetFighterV.exe and/or the game installation directory to the exclusion list to prevent this issue.
  • There are other non-reproducible crashes or stability issues that we’ll be looking into. We appreciate if you can continue sending feedback through the official Steam Bug Reporting thread with as much details as possible so that we can attempt to reproduce and fix the issue.

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