Surprise! PES 2017 is coming this year

Brace yourselves, because you probably aren’t prepared for this: A new PES game is on the way from Konami. Yup, PES 2017 was officially confirmed yesterday, as Konami unveiled the latest footie game to feature the highest-paid over-actors in the world. Once again, PES 2017 will be rendered in the Fox engine, and any reports of Hideo Kojima contributing to the development of that tech is simply rubbish. You should feel bad for even mentioning the H word.

Here’re a few screenshots to gawk at:

So what’s going to make PES 2017 a FIFA-killer in the eyes of Konami this year? Apparently, it all comes down to something called Real Touch, a feature which will apparently make ball passes easier to receive and control while I sit here giggling because I have the maturity of a high school kid in a sex education class. Coupled with the Precise Pass system, Konami says that this will allow for different techniques to be used in an attempt to better recreate the “subtle control nuances as the pass is met.”

“Precise Pass extends the Real Touch basis of using the ability of the player with the ball to determine the accuracy of each pass,” Konami said via GameSpot.

The movement of the ball in relation to the position of the player and the intended target for the pass all contribute towards its accuracy, adding a genuine feeling of excitement when a defense is split with an inch-perfect ball.

Here’s the list of other stuff you’ll be able to do according to the PES 2017 website. Being able to pretend like your leg has been ripped out of its socket after a player has gently touched you by accident is still not available.

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