The Competitive Rainbow Six Siege cheating scandal

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is not perhaps one of the most popular eSports out there, but it has been picked up by ESL and placed alongside their other professional titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2, and the likes. The pro-scene is small, and most popular perhaps in North America. While the scene struggles with numbers, one case caught my attention in my many hours wasted browsing through Reddit. The post was titled “There’s a cheating scandal going on in the Rainbow Six Siege scene,” and while these are just allegations, the evidence was damning enough to force certain precautions by the team under fire.

It all started roughly a month ago when certain professional players in the R6 scene came together to try and expose an alleged cheater. The 12 minute video below takes a look at the vod of a player by the name of Clever, who plays for Vws. The video shows the player looking at his second monitor which allegedly shows where his opponents are. The video includes commentary by another professional player, aiding the case as he explains why this may be quite obvious.

According to ESL the player in question has been under investigation since day one, but in a statement provided by ESL they stressed the clear evidence is needed to ban a player from the league, as in the past they have been sued. They need sufficient proof, since under German law there is a “benefit of the doubt” rule, which cannot be taken lightly.

In the video above it’s clear that Clever looks at his second screen in the midst of battle. No professional FPS player does this, even if they’re a popular streamer reading thousands of lines of chat per minute. Clever’s excuse is that he works in the IT profession and he’s simply glancing over at his second monitor for work purposes. ESL also disallows the use of a second monitor in professional matches for these exact reasons. In a private message from one of the ESL staff members, he clearly says they are aware of this specific cheat being used by some players, and are working to upgrade their anti-cheat software.

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