The new SUICIDE SQUAD trailer is here!

In case you somehow haven’t noticed, there are a lot of superheroes hitting our screen. So many in fact, that most of them just end up fighting each other (see: Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: They’re Really Sticking To This Dumb Title). Thankfully, we’re also getting something to balance out all that smug, square-jawed goodness with DC and Warner Bros’ supervillain team flick Suicide Squad.

And during a special that aired on CW last night called “DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League” – which was basically a primer for this new shared DC Comics cinematic universe – a brand new Suicide Squad poster and trailer was also unveiled. And if you thought the leaked, then officially released, Comic-Con first look trailer from last year was good, then wait till you get a load of this!

Well, damn! How cool is that?! With the idiosyncratic music (and if you didn’t sing along, we can’t be friends!) oddball characters (or in case, eyeball character) and dry witty humour, you have to get the feeling that DC is setting this up as their answer to Marvel’s offbeat Guardians of the Galaxy. Only more terrestrial – but not too much based on that weird goo and monstrous tentacles we can just barely glimpse in the trailer. And you know what? I f#$king love them for it!

If there’s one thing the DC Comics cinematic universe desperately needed, it was some lightening up. Well, to be fair, this is still pretty dark, as its not often that one of our “heroes” has a predilection for eating people, but it just seems so freaking fun!

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