The Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack review

How do you write a review of a game when your head is still stuck firmly up the behind of Star Wars? Easy – you dress up one of your Sims as Darth Vader, then have him woo-hoo in the closet. “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!” Focus achieved. Now gather ’round and I’ll tell you about the latest Sims 4 Expansion…

In da club, we be paintin’!

Clubs an’ hangin’ with homies is where dah poop is at yo! Hit the U-key in the game, and the the club panel will pop up. Select a club to join, or request an invite. Your Sims are free-ish to join any of the pre-made clubs available, but if the Upper Crust members and their love for food is not your cup o’ tea, you can always go about creating your very own group.

Which is of course what I did. I called my club ‘Painting Classicus Maxi’ because the game could not accommodate Maximus. Too many letters, you see?

Young adult and adult Sims with a level 2 skill in painting were welcome to join my little gathering. We got together at my Sim’s house, dressed in our best zombie outfits, painted, admired art, and got all romantic and what not. Hey, no woo-hooing was allowed – we’re not THAT kind of club! Oh, and we totes hated the Upper Crusts because reasons!

Creating clubs is awesome. Setting them up, and what they can and cannot do is easy, and boy are you spoiled for choice!

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