The Technomancer review – A Future of Rust and Dirt

Open world RPG’s like The Witcher or Mass Effect series, are almost exclusively put out by huge AAA publishers. So it’s interesting to see a smaller game company like Spiders release The Technomancer, an open world sci-fi RPG set on Mars.

The Technomancer, an indirect sequel to Spider’s Mars: War Logs, really wants to be your next favorite RPG, it has a complex story, a large detailed game world with its own history and society, freedom to tackle missions in many different ways, and a large and varied upgrading system. But try as it might, Technomancer tries to do too many things at once to be the next Mass Effect.

In Technomancer, players take on the role of Zachariah, a rookie Technomancer who serves the Abundance colony on Mars. Technomancers in the game, are basically Jedi-like soldiers who are gifted with electricity-based powers and use them to serve their colony in the water wars that ravage the planet.

The game begins on Zachariah’s graduation day from the Technomancer academy, before beginning players are given some limited customization options for Zachariah’s appearance; basically hair, skin, and face. The gameplay begins by familiarizing you with the combat mechanics, which consist of three different styles and weapons; the warrior style uses a combat staff and focuses on area attacks, the guardian uses a mace and shield and promotes defense, while rogue employs a pistol/short sword combo which focuses on dealing focused damage. In any of the stances players are also able to use their technomancer powers.

During my playthrough I found myself primarily using the sword and pistol combo, but no matter which style you choose, expect to do a lot of dodging and rolling to survive, Zachariah isn’t able to soak up a lot of damage so avoiding attacks is a major component of combat. I found the combat to be one of most enjoyable parts of the game, requiring enough skill to be challenging while never being punishingly difficult.

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