Thor: Ragnarok will be the “most adventurous” and a “crazy” MCU movie

The best Marvel movies have a certain playful tone to them. Films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man and the first Avengers movie knew this as they juggled high stakes action with heart and humour. It’s something that the first Thor sequel, the Dark World, was kind of lacking. I’m not saying that Thor Two (Thwor?) was a bad film, but it certainly felt out of place in the larger scheme of all things Marvel.

It was dour, depressing stuff that didn’t feel mighty at all. Which is why there’s some hope for Thor: Ragnarok now that Taika “What We Do In The Shadows” Waititi is busy helming the project. The director has a talent not only for creating that playful tone that made previous Marvel movies so successful, but for doing so with lightning-quick pacing that doesn’t skip a beat in his films.

With the main bulk of filming almost done on Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi hit a reddit AMA via Collider to discuss the sequel. And how Thoree (Sorry Thor 3) will have a unique place in the MCU:

I think [Thor: Ragonarok] will be one of the most adventurous and most “out there” of all the marvel movies. It’s a crazy movie.

Waititi isn’t just going for a tone that is “very different” here, but he wants people to think that the film will be “CRAZY” thanks to the creative freedom that Marvel gave him, freedom that extends to the character of Thor himself:

My favourite character is Thor. But not Thor from the previous films – Thor from Ragnarok. He’s different and amazing.

Thor has of course been through some big changes over the last couple of MCU films. He found love on Midgard, lost it and helped save the world a few times from his own brother and a few rampaging robots. That’s the kind of setup that you’d find in some of the most classic of Thor comic book stories ever published, from a more swingin’ and happening time. And that’s an era that Waititi wants to emphasise on with the new logo for Thor: Ragnarok.

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