Transformers: Combiner Wars animated series revealed

Transformer movies: Massive spectacles of special effects budgets running amok as Optimus Prime rides a massive Cybertronian T-Rex into a Baysplosion. It’s sort of good stuff, in the same way that taking a knife to the head results in the most wonderful of hallucinations. Transformers on TV however? Much, much better. While I’m not too big a fan of the current Transformers: Robots in Disguise series which relies far too heavily on the exact same premise in every single episode, the quality of said adventures is visually stunning.

It carries on from the absolutely superb Transformers Prime series, which to me is the definitive animated version of all that Autobot on Decepticon action. And while some Bayhem in the next Transformers movie is a while away, there is another animated series on the way that is promising even bigger action.

Transformers: Combiner Wars is the name of the new series, which has a start date of August 2 on the social entertainment platform go90 in the US. Hasbro is taking their Transformers franchise to digital streaming shores, as they unveiled a proper look at the series with co-hosts Machinima, at the Cannes Lions Festival. Check out these screens via Collider yo:


So what’s Combiner Wars all about? A four episode series on YouTube, Facebook and go90 told across four distinct viewpoints sets the latest saga up, as the war for Cybertron may be over but a new conflict emerges from the shadows. One that requires bigger, more devastating Cybertronian warriors to fight. It’s something I’ve actually spoken about before, as Combiner Wars happens to be the name of a Transformers toy line which features reedonkulously massive action figures made up of a gestalt of smaller toys.

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