Vaporum Review – An old-school dungeon crawler with some modern flourish

While Vaporum ditches party mechanics to focus on providing a solo experience, it does at least give players a choice of armour to wear into battle. Will you go for the standard Combat Exoskeleton rig, the specialist Thauma rig or the defense-focused Heavy rig? Choose wisely, as you’ll need to balance the pros and cons of these rigs with weapons that tend to favour either speed or power and seldom both.

Ranged weapons such as pistols and rifles provide a more versatile option to avoiding damage, as do upgrades in the form of Circuits which can be discovered along the way. It’s a somewhat more limited system, albeit a welcome one when combat kicks in at a real-time pace and doesn’t stand around waiting for you to make a decision.

Vaporum isn’t the first game in this particular scene to go this route, but it’s larger emphasis on managing your inventory more carefully while keeping an eye on the grid around you results in regular action setpieces that ends up feeling as fresh as it does complex. Combine that with environmental puzzles which won’t tickle your grey matter too much and you’ve got a dungeon crawler that modernises aspects of the genres that were sorely in need of an overhaul, while keeping its core elements intact.

Last Updated: October 3, 2017

Old-school dungeon crawling with a few modern-day touches, Vaporum attention to detail is wrapped around a tale of steampunk mystery and some fresh ideas. Vaporum was reviewed on PC

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