What do you expect from the PlayStation 4 Neo reveal event tomorrow?

Tomorrow at 9pm local time, Sony’s hosting an event in New York where it’s expected that they’ll show off two new PlayStation 4 models. The first is the already leaked PlayStation 4 slim, which is already available to purchase in some second hand shops thanks to a bunch of them apparently “falling off a truck” somewhere in the Middle East.

The other? The also leaked, but infinitely more exciting PlayStation 4 Neo, an upgraded PlayStation 4 that’s supposed to be capable of playing existing and future PlayStation 4 games in higher fidelity, higher resolution and with better frame rates.

The system was originally uncovered by two separate branches of Kotaku after this year’s GDC in March. Later, specifications of the proposed, upgraded system emerged – showing that the system was getting a significant boost. But is it significant enough to drive 4K console gaming? Probably not. Not really. According to those specs, this is what you can expect from the PlayStation 4 Neo:

Base PS4 PS4K Neo Boost
CPU Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 1.6GHz Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz 1.3x
GPU 18 Radeon GCN compute units at 800MHz 36 ‘improved’ GCN compute units at 911MHz 2.3x FLOPs
Memory 8GB GDDR5 at 176GB/s 8GB GDDR5 at 218GB/s 24% more bandwidth, 512MB more useable memory

After Microsoft’s announcement of its own more forward-thinking upgraded Xbox One, Scorpio, there’s been conjecture that Sony went back to the drawing board to make the Neo a little more powerful. I don’t think that’s happened, and I think the specs of the system we’ll see tomorrow evening will align quite closely with the information we currently have. I’d absolutely love to be wrong though.

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