WWE Raw Results – 19 September 2016

RAW this week took place at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. Here’s all the action that went down.

Opening segment

An appearance by Roman Reigns was quickly interrupted by Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, as the two had plans for the big guy. At Clash of Champions, it’ll be Reigns vs Rusev for the United States Championship. Foley also announced the main event for RAW, much to the chagrin of current Universal Champ Kevin Owens: A rematch between Owens and RAW, in a non-title steel cage match.

Rusev vs. Seth Rollins ended in a Double Count-out

Rusev’s US title may not have been on the line in this bout, but the two men involved still went for gold in this opening RAW match. After a match of Suicide Dives, near-Accolades and Falcon Arrows, Rollins and Rusev took their brawl up to the entrance ramp until the referee counted the two men out. Rollins managed to throw Rusev off the stage and onto an announce table, ending the brawl with a splash on top of the US champion.


Everyone had a bone to pick with Foley, but he didn’t care. The RAW commissioner decided to book Charlotte in a match against Bayley and Sasha Banks at Clash of Champions, while Chris Jericho decided to keep a list of everything that Foley was doing wrong. Because reasons.


Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara

Sin Cara got a lot of offense in the early stages of this match, but it wasn’t long before Braun Strowman got the upper hand and began demolishing the top-rope daredevil. A late match comeback made it look like Sin Cara would pull off an upset with a Springboard Moonsault, but Strowman managed to turn that risky move into a running powerslam to seal the deal on a RAW win.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley

Charlotte and Dana Brooke took control of this RAW match from the start, but Bayley managed to work some magic that gave her a chance to tag in Banks. Faces and heels went back and forth in this bout, but it looked like luck was not on the side of the doctor of huganomics and her partner. With Sasha having been worked on significantly and Dana Brooke in full distraction mode, a big boot from Charlotte to Bayley saw this match over with a three-count.

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