Y'Shaarj has been unveiled for Hearthstone's Whispers of the Old Gods expansion

The next expansion for Hearthstone, Whispers of the Old Gods, is shaping up quite nicely. It’s going to feature C’Thun – a great gigantic eyeball, as well as N’Zoth – a tentacle beast who loves corruption nearly as much as our very own JZ.

Those are just two of the revealed gods. The expansion is going to feature a bunch of them, and Blizzard are slowly but surely shedding information on each.

They’ve just unveiled another as a matter of fact. Its name is Y’Shaarj, and it looks like pure evil!

The biggest Old God on the block, Y’Shaarj was once the head of the largest empire to ever grip the face of Azeroth. This magnificently malignant entity had a real head for the political game, and raised armies of hideously devoted servants to do its bidding. Even the other Old Gods were impressed!

But even with such great power—not to mention a swanky temple city—Y’Shaarj still had some anger issues. Who wouldn’t be miffed after having pieces of yourself strewn about everywhere, while scruffy little mortals panda-handled your heart? These truly heart-wrenching events in Y’Shaarj’s past are why the moody Old God tends to be the death of the party. Its (last) terrible breath* doesn’t just clear rooms—it clears whole continents! Despite appalling personal hygiene, Y’Shaarj has a way of clutching hearts and changing minds; even the most willful of beings cannot resist following it onto the battlefield.

According to the lore, Y’Shaarj is the biggest Old God around. So, what exactly does the entity do in card form? Surely it must be something extra special? Let’s take a look…

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